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21 Oct 2018

USA Today: #MeeToo Anniversary

A few months ago, myself and 7 other women had the opportunity to share our thoughts/experiences with USA Today on sexual assault and harassment within the film industry. I can’t speak for others. This is just my experience with sexual assault / harassment as a camera operator. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the outcome of this will be, but I do hope for a few things: I hope others affected by this can read/listen and understand that […]

18 Sep 2018

Summer 2018 – Documentaries and Period Shorts

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure to work on some really cool projects. It made for a pretty diverse summer of filmmaking, but since it was such a wild ride I want to share some snippets of work to come:   JUNE “Lost Time” I’ve known Leo Pfeifer for some time, frequently finding myself running in the same circles and screening at the same festivals. Did I ever expect to be shooting a documentary, alongside Leo, in […]

19 Jun 2017

Wild (Indomptable) Kickstarter Campaign

A Supernatural short film set in rural 1930s, mixing a period-piece look with bold visuals inspired by Suspiria and Neon Demon. I am well into pre-production for a new project, but here’s the thing: it will only happen if my Kickstarter campaign meets its funding goal. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, only projects that meet their funding goal receive the funds raised. If your project is one dollar short at the end of the campaign. The […]

22 Mar 2017

On Standby

Hello Website. It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy lately…this is generally how I start most blog posts. However this is slightly different! For the last month I’ve been back and forth from Toronto doing cinematography / camera op. work for a few different projects. Although it’s been almost constant work, it’s been calming to be back on set shooting. Some of the projects are under non-disclosure and I can’t talk about them, but I can share with you a few […]

12 Mar 2017

New Cinematography Reel

With Spring around the corner it felt like it was time to update my cinematography reel with some recent work, including some not-yet-released projects. Projects include: “Atlas World: Solomun Day Remix” – Morgana McKenzie (not yet released) “Standby” – Ponderdog Productions (not yet released) “Ellie” – Morgana McKenzie “Façade” – Carol Nguyen

30 Jan 2017

London Film School Production Design Essentials

I entered the class completely unsure as to what I was getting myself into. Although I love fine arts and have done some production design for my own short films, I am not a production designer. My experience is mostly cinematography, so I was expecting the two week intensive with London Film School to be a major push out of my comfort zone. I was right. The LFS Six Production Design Essentials taught production design at it’s best, covering material […]

11 Apr 2016

I hate talking about this

I was hoping I wouldn’t need to write about this topic, but I feel like it’s better to make a post about it instead of just reacting to people’s questions and opinions. Still, it’s too bad this is even an issue. The lead actor in Ellie is the wonderfully talented Sebastian Labissiere. Here is a film still from Ellie with Sebastian, and here is a photo from the private cast & crew screening with Sebastian and I embracing after not […]

02 Mar 2016

Ellie is Finished

A little over a week ago I finished the colour grade on Ellie, and my composer Dave Johnson completed the final tweaks to the score and sound design. I’m really pleased with how Ellie has turned out and I have begun submitting it to festivals, starting with festivals that I have a relationship with. Throughout 2016 I expect to submit Ellie to over 40 festivals. I really can’t wait to share it with all of you. Because of festival requirements, […]

27 Sep 2015

Ellie moves to post (and festival updates)

I had an amazing summer, filled with friendships and film work. I had planned to do a post talking about the highlights of my two month break, but I’ve been slammed with work ranging from Ellie work to home work. So until then, I have a brief update on the post production of Ellie, and some festival updates. Ellie The Kickstarter campaign for Ellie was more successful than I could have imagined, bringing in $5,275, which was 175% over my original […]

01 Aug 2015

Ellie Kickstarter Campaign

As you can tell by the title of this post, for my next short (which I will be shooting in three weeks) I’m running a Kickstarter campaign! It’s my first Kickstarter, so it should be a nerve-wracking but fun adventure! I won’t bother going on about it, as all the info is covered on the Kickstarter page, so I’ll encourage you to head there and check out the pitch video! Let’s make this happen!