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29 Nov 2013

Fav Film Friday #5: Cargo

During a zombie apocalypse, a father tries to save his young infant daughter after he’s infected.

22 Nov 2013

Fav Film Friday #4

“Strange Oaks” is an animated dark comedy, involving a twist on your typical fast food chain.

15 Nov 2013

Fav Film Friday #3

“Henry” tells the story of a boy who learns he possesses a very special power.

15 Nov 2013

Fav Film Friday

Fav Film Friday will take place every Friday on my website and my Twitter account. It’s a new way for me to share some of my favourite films. On my Twitter account I will post a brief comment, the director, and a link to the film. However if you are looking for a review on what I loved about the film (anything from the colour grading to the shot that sold the whole film), I will be posting a brief […]

28 Sep 2013

Another GIFTS Shoot Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last on-location shoot for my new short film GIFTS. It’s going to be a fun day, but it will also be a very challenging day because tomorrow we have to shoot the most complex scene of the entire film. Last Sunday we had a very long shoot schedule that started at 8am and went until we lost our sunlight shortly after 6pm. But one of the highlights of the day was that we had a professional photographer, Charlene […]

11 Sep 2013

Youth by Youth Cinema at CIFF

I’m excited to announce that my short film “A Day in the Life of a Montessori Junior High Class: The Element” will be shown in the “Youth by Youth Cinema” division of the Calgary International Film Festival! Over sixteen short films created by youth from across Canada, the United States, and the U.K., will be presented on September 22nd. I wish I could be there to see the other selections, but unfortunately I can’t. Also, congratulations to all the other […]

31 Jul 2013

GIFTS Has Begun

Pre-production for my newest short film “GIFTS” started immediately after school was over. I had several very distinct scenes in my head that I wanted to use in the movie. From that I developed some more visuals and concepts, and eventually, with the help of my co-writer (my Dad!), that became a screenplay. Then I started to work on my casting. I had a clear idea of who I wanted to cast as my central character, but I needed to […]

19 Jul 2013

MIRROR Feedback from the Young Person’s Film Festival

On June 30th, in Chichester England,  The Young Person’s Film Festival screened MIRROR as part of its official selection of short films. Audience members were provided with comment cards to record their thoughts on the films. Isaac H. Madge, the festival director and a filmmaker himself, generously forwarded some of the comments on MIRROR: “What an imaginative story. Lots of ideas and your young cast were great performers too.” “Inventive angle and shots. Really impressed with your work.” “Really liked the […]

14 Jul 2013

Artwork and Video Portfolio Pages

For some time, Morgana has wanted to include selections from her artwork collection on this site. While she is still away at camp, I’ve started to photograph and post her artwork to a new artwork portfolio page. In addition to the artwork page, I’ve also created a single portfolio page for all of her short film work. These pages will get updated with new content semi-regularly. Here are links to the new pages: Artwork Short Films

04 Jul 2013

Tribute to My Grade 8 Classmates

(Morgana drafted this blog post on Friday June 28th.) As most of you know, I am off school now and heading out to Camp Ouareau in just a couple of days. However, at the end of the school year, I made a tribute video (you could also call it a gift) to all the graduating grade eights in my class. I did this last year for the grade eights, when I was in grade seven, but this year it was […]