As a cinematographer and a colorist, I consider shooting and colouring to be two halves of the same process, and it’s wonderful when I have an opportunity to play both roles on a project. The final image is created in post, but I always have the colour post-process in mind when I’m shooting.

More commonly, I’m hired as a colorist for films that I didn’t shoot, and these projects often have more interesting challenges, such as shifting the look for time of day or drawing the viewer’s attention to part of the frame while gently nudging other areas into the shadows.

My colour work is done exclusively with DaVinci Resolve, DaVinci Resolve’s Mini Panel, and a calibrated EIZO ColorEdge display.

For information about my recent work, my resume is available.

Colour Reel

Music: You – Petit Biscuit

Films featured in this reel (in order of appearance):

  • A Bittersweet Taste – Dir. Damien Fannon
  • Lost Time – Dir. Leo Pfeifer
  • A.W. A Portrait of Apichatpong Weerasethakul – Dir. Connor Jessup
  • A Girl, A Boy, A Penny – Dir. Julia Beney
  • Atlas World – Dir. Morgana McKenzie
  • Fictional Characters – Dir. Ivana Noa
  • Ellie – Dir. Morgana McKenzie
  • Wild (Indomptable) – Dir. Morgana McKenzie
  • Façade – Dir. Carol Nguyen

Stills Gallery

In the following stills, hover or drag to compare the coloured version on the left vs. the original version on the right.

Lost Time

Director – Leo Pfeifer
CInematography – Morgana McKenzie


Director – Lola Ajao
CInematography – Morgana McKenzie


Director – Morgana McKenzie
CInematography – Morgana McKenzie

A.W. A Portrait of Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Director – Connor Jessup
CInematography – Josée Deshaies

A Bittersweet Taste

Director – Damien Fannon
Cinematography – Morgana McKenzie

Atlas World

Director – Morgana McKenzie
Cinematography – Morgana McKenzie


Director – Morgana McKenzie
Cinematography – Morgana McKenzie