Indomptable (Wild)

A Supernatural short film set in rural 1930s, mixing a period-piece look with bold visuals inspired by Suspiria and Neon Demon.

Please consider contributing to the Kickstarter campaign. Indomptable will not get made unless the Kickstarter gets fully funded.

Starting a new project, but I need your help.

I’m taking significant creative risks for my next short. It’s exciting, and I wake up every day thrilled to join my crew of professionals in making this sucker a reality.

The wonderful crew I have thus far has come on board on a volunteer basis. These are people who I have not worked with before, individuals who’ve reached out to me wanting to support this film for their belief in not only the project, but also its director. They are caring, and I’m happy to now call them my friends in this process.

But holy crap, the funds to make this are out of my reach. More so than I could have imagined. Aside from this wonderful crew I have, there are still funds we cannot cut, and I cannot begin to tackle right now on my own.

So, I’ve started a Kickstarter.

This film cannot happen without financial support. There is no safety net, there is no fall back. The only way this film happens, is I meet my goal, for real.

Visit the campaign, contribute if you can, and please share it with anyone you know that loves film and supporting young filmmakers.