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27 Sep 2015

Ellie moves to post (and festival updates)

I had an amazing summer, filled with friendships and film work. I had planned to do a post talking about the highlights of my two month break, but I’ve been slammed with work ranging from Ellie work to home work. So until then, I have a brief update on the post production of Ellie, and some festival updates. Ellie The Kickstarter campaign for Ellie was more successful than I could have imagined, bringing in $5,275, which was 175% over my original […]

28 Aug 2014

Prodigy Camp Experience

A month ago, I went to Seattle for a week of indie filmmaking at “Prodigy Camp“. I received a scholarship to attend Prodigy Camp back in April at NFFTY, and was incredibly excited to go! The first few days went by, and I loved every aspect of the camp. Attending lessons, meeting new people, really everything. I played different roles while I was there: grip, sound, and acting (the acting was a new and pleasant experience). I acted in Elijah […]

22 Aug 2014

Fav Film Friday #15: Well

A short film by Rosa Berndt from Prodigy Camp 2014.

31 Jul 2014

I was in a film?

A couple weeks ago, I attended “Prodigy Camp” in Seattle. It was amazing, and I’ll post a blog on my experience soon. While I was there, I was asked by fellow camper Elijah Seneker if I could be in his film. This was different for me, because I don’t usually act in anything other than the occasional class play. But, I was thrilled with the idea and promptly said yes. It was interesting stepping back, and not directing for once. […]

08 Jul 2014

Festivals, Kurayami no Wa, and an Unnamed Music Video

Morgana is away (on her own) for the month of July, and this week she is attending Prodigy Camp outside of Seattle on a scholarship she won at NFFTY. So I (her dad) am tasked with keeping her website and social media engagement going until she returns. My first order of business? To round-up all the news from the past month… Festival Updates ASK Film Festival – This high-school film festival, in Kosovo, ran over a weekend in April. We knew that […]

05 May 2014

NFFTY 2014 Adventures

I had the huge privilege of having “GIFTS” be accepted into National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) this year. NFFTY is the largest international youth film festival in the world, based in Seattle, WA. It is a four day festival, filled with speed networking, panel sessions, film screenings, Q&A with filmmakers, and parties. It really is an awesome event for youth filmmakers. This was my first year at NFFTY, and my experience was beyond fantastic. My friend Laura (who […]