2012 Holiday Card

You likely arrived on this page from a link printed in our 2012 Holiday Card. As we said in the card, here are several short videos that Morgana created during 2012.
Please note that these videos are not intended to be publicly available. Free free to share them with close friends and extended family, but please do not post them publicly. You can also find her other, publicly available, work via the menus & links to other parts of her website above.

By the way, here is a link to a PDF copy of our 2012 Holiday Card: Christmas-Card-2012-Final

Junior High Video

Morgana created the following video in November 2012, at the request of her school, as a way of sharing a “day in the life” of her Junior High class (grades 7 & 8 combined into one class). Her school intends to open a new high-school in September 2013, and the video is expected to be featured on the website for the new school.

This video uses, by permission, the wonderful Heuristics Inc. “So Much Time” remix of the song “Out of It” by Brad Sucks. Many sincere thanks to both Brad and Heuristics Inc. for granting the use of this song.

September 2012 Odyssey Trip Video

At the beginning of each Junior High year, students embark on a ten day Odyssey Trip by canoe to remote regions of Northern Ontario. Morgana was asked to create a video assembled from footage and photos taken during the trip. The video was shown during a school assembly for parents and students in late September 2012.

Note: as this was a video shown to a private audience, it uses unlicensed music. No copyright infringement is intended.