Element Junior High Video

You presumably arrived at this page because Morgana, Charlene, or Gavin sent you a link to the page.
Please note this video is not intended to be publicly available yet. Free free to share a link to this page with close friends and family, but please do not post a link to this page publicly. The video will eventually be publicly available on the Element High School website.

Morgana created the following video in November 2012, at the request of her school, as a way of sharing a “day in the life” of her Junior High class (grades 7 & 8 combined into one class). Her school intends to open a new high-school in September 2013, and the video will be featured on the website for the new school.

This video uses, by permission, the Heuristics Inc.So Much Time” remix of the song “Out of It” by Brad Sucks. Many sincere thanks to both Brad and Heuristics Inc. for granting the use of this song.