Desperate measures are taken to escape a violent world concealed within an isolated cottage.


Director Morgana McKenzie does a wonderful job of slowly revealing the secrets that Stephen has, always making sure to surprise viewers at every turn. Things are never what they appear to be in this short. Every time we figure something out, McKenzie throws another twist in that not only reveals more of the story, but takes the previous revelations into a new direction.

Future of Film Showcase 2016 Review: Ellie

Ellie is a short film that manages to, in a small amount of time, create such impressively fascinating characters, and atmosphere, that one can’t help but want to know and see more. The mysteries abound in the story – from who Ellie is, to what Stephen might be lying about, to what Davis’ role is in these children’s lives. It is disturbing, but gripping all the same.

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  • AAHSFF – Female Rising Star

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Film Stills

Ellie - Film Still 1
Ellie - Film Still 2
Ellie - Film Still 3

Production Photos

Here are just a few production photos from the Ellie shoot (courtesy of Charlene Burnside Photography).

Blog post updates on Ellie

  • I hate talking about this (Monday April 11th, 2016) -- I was hoping I wouldn’t need to write about this topic, but I feel like it’s better to make a post about it instead of just reacting to people’s questions and opinions. Still, it’s too bad this is even an issue. The lead actor in Ellie is the wonderfully talented Sebastian Labissiere. Here is a film ... (Read more)
  • Ellie is Finished (Wednesday March 02nd, 2016) -- A little over a week ago I finished the colour grade on Ellie, and my composer Dave Johnson completed the final tweaks to the score and sound design. I’m really pleased with how Ellie has turned out and I have begun submitting it to festivals, starting with festivals that I have a relationship with. Throughout 2016 ... (Read more)
  • Ellie moves to post (and festival updates) (Sunday September 27th, 2015) -- I had an amazing summer, filled with friendships and film work. I had planned to do a post talking about the highlights of my two month break, but I’ve been slammed with work ranging from Ellie work to home work. So until then, I have a brief update on the post production of Ellie, and some ... (Read more)
  • Ellie Kickstarter Campaign (Saturday August 01st, 2015) -- As you can tell by the title of this post, for my next short (which I will be shooting in three weeks) I’m running a Kickstarter campaign! It’s my first Kickstarter, so it should be a nerve-wracking but fun adventure! I won’t bother going on about it, as all the info is covered on the Kickstarter page, ... (Read more)
  • Casting Call: Male actors needed for short film Ellie (Saturday May 23rd, 2015) -- NOTE: This casting-call post was published in May 2015. The cast was chosen in late June. The production of Ellie has shifted from non-union cast, to union (ACTRA). Most of the original post has been removed, because it contained so much detail about the film, its characters, and the story. Production updates will be posted to the ... (Read more)
  • Prodigy Camp Experience (Thursday August 28th, 2014) -- A month ago, I went to Seattle for a week of indie filmmaking at “Prodigy Camp“. I received a scholarship to attend Prodigy Camp back in April at NFFTY, and was incredibly excited to go! The first few days went by, and I loved every aspect of the camp. Attending lessons, meeting new people, really everything. ... (Read more)
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Ellie Poster
After an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, and a great shoot in August 2015, four months of post-production on Ellie ended in mid-February 2016.

“Ellie” was originally a short film that Morgana intended to shoot during her 2014 summer stay at “Prodigy Camp“. Due to time constraints, she was unable to shoot the project at Prodigy Camp. Despite not finishing Ellie, Morgana had a fantastic experience at Prodigy Camp, and wrote a blog post about it here: “Prodigy Camp Experience