19 Jul 2013

MIRROR Feedback from the Young Person’s Film Festival

On June 30th, in Chichester England,  The Young Person’s Film Festival screened MIRROR as part of its official selection of short films. Audience members were provided with comment cards to record their thoughts on the films. Isaac H. Madge, the festival director and a filmmaker himself, generously forwarded some of the comments on MIRROR: “What an imaginative story. Lots of ideas and your young cast were great performers too.” “Inventive angle and shots. Really impressed with your work.” “Really liked the […]

16 Jun 2013

MIRROR was accepted into 2 Festivals!

Good news! Mirror was recently accepted into two film festivals! Yah! The first one is the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. The festival showcases films and videos from studios as well as independent and youth filmmakers, and partners with more than 50 venues who host screenings year round. The critics’s review on the web site says: This fantasy thriller is written, directed, edited and color graded by 13-year-old Morgana McKenzie from Ottawa, Canada. It’s well done and has many unexplained things […]

27 Jan 2013

Photos Page of Website Updated!

We’ve published MIRROR photos from all stages of production. Enjoy!

20 Jan 2013

Friends and Family Screening of MIRROR

After all the long days of writing, shooting and editing, the tiny idea that started in my head came to life on screen. I was very thankful to share the first screening with my family, cast members, and friends at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa. I was shocked at how many people actually came! Some were old friends, some were cast members and their families, my parent’s friends, and some were people I didn’t even know! It was interesting that […]

13 Jan 2013

Article on the Debut of MIRROR in Ottawa Metro News

Morgana held a private showing for cast, friends, and family at the Mayfair Theatre here in Ottawa today. A blog post from Morgana is forthcoming about this event. However, the Ottawa Metro News interviewed her about the film later this afternoon. Here is the article: Metro News: “Ottawa teen makes big screen debut”

03 Jan 2013

The Completion of Mirror and the Process of Making It

Hello Everyone! As you could probably tell by the title, after long days of working on the film, I have finally finished! The overall experience of planning, shooting, and editing of the film was great, and today I will be reflecting on some of the challenges I faced. The Planning The planning of the film is almost the most difficult part of making a short film. I had to find friends that were not only able to act and learn […]

02 Dec 2012

TV Interview on Rogers Daytime Ottawa

About a week ago, I was on Rogers Daytime Ottawa with one of the actors in my film, Naya. We were interviewed by Lois Lee and Derick Fage about the experience of making a film, what it was like, some challenges we faced, etc. This was both Naya’s and my first TV interview, and we had loads of fun doing it! Naya, my producer (my Mom) and I got to relax in the Green Room prior to the interview. We […]

14 Nov 2012

Upcoming TV Interview on Rogers Daytime Ottawa – Wednesday Nov 21

Morgana will be on Rogers Daytime Ottawa live at 11AM on Wednesday, Nov 21st. She will be answering questions about MIRROR and showing a portion of the trailer. Morgana will be joined by lead actress Naya Weiler. We will post a link to the interview after it has aired.

05 Nov 2012

Website is launched!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my site. This is my blog, where I will inform you about news going on with myself and my films. I’m almost finished the editing and After Effects on my first short film, “Mirror”.  I hope you like the trailer. Unfortunately, I can’t make the film publicly available until I’m finished entering it into youth film festivals throughout 2013. When I’m finished entering it into festivals, the film will be on the site and ready to […]