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08 Jul 2014

Festivals, Kurayami no Wa, and an Unnamed Music Video

Morgana is away (on her own) for the month of July, and this week she is attending Prodigy Camp outside of Seattle on a scholarship she won at NFFTY. So I (her dad) am tasked with keeping her website and social media engagement going until she returns. My first order of business? To round-up all the news from the past month… Festival Updates ASK Film Festival – This high-school film festival, in Kosovo, ran over a weekend in April. We knew that […]

08 Jun 2014

May Festival Shenanigans

Over the past month my life has been filled with hectic (but very enjoyable) film work and travelling. After my trip to NFFTY in April, I was very fortunate to be able to travel to two festivals: CineYouth in Chicago, and TIFF Next Wave Jump Cuts in Toronto. Here’s a brief rundown, with pictures, of my adventures… CineYouth CineYouth was a lot of fun! It was a really awesome community that I was happy to be a part of this […]

05 May 2014

NFFTY 2014 Adventures

I had the huge privilege of having “GIFTS” be accepted into National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) this year. NFFTY is the largest international youth film festival in the world, based in Seattle, WA. It is a four day festival, filled with speed networking, panel sessions, film screenings, Q&A with filmmakers, and parties. It really is an awesome event for youth filmmakers. This was my first year at NFFTY, and my experience was beyond fantastic. My friend Laura (who […]

09 Mar 2014

GIFTS Screening and Film Festival Update

There has been A LOT of stuff going on with “GIFTS” lately, and I’ll start off with the friends and family screening we had a couple of weeks ago at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum theatre. It was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came and supported! It was really a blast seeing everyone and being able to answer any questions that people had. Charlene Burnside (a professional photographer, family friend, and the Mom of two cast […]

11 Sep 2013

Youth by Youth Cinema at CIFF

I’m excited to announce that my short film “A Day in the Life of a Montessori Junior High Class: The Element” will be shown in the “Youth by Youth Cinema” division of the Calgary International Film Festival! Over sixteen short films created by youth from across Canada, the United States, and the U.K., will be presented on September 22nd. I wish I could be there to see the other selections, but unfortunately I can’t. Also, congratulations to all the other […]

20 Jan 2013

Friends and Family Screening of MIRROR

After all the long days of writing, shooting and editing, the tiny idea that started in my head came to life on screen. I was very thankful to share the first screening with my family, cast members, and friends at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa. I was shocked at how many people actually came! Some were old friends, some were cast members and their families, my parent’s friends, and some were people I didn’t even know! It was interesting that […]