We All Go the Same

We All Go the Same is a narrative music video set to the song of the same name by Radical Face.
Use of the song by expressed permission of Nettwerk Music Group.


In a timeless world of fairy tales, villains and victims are visited by a vengeful fairy who offers to shift the balance of power.


“Morgana McKenzie is 15 years old. That fact alone is astonishing, especially considering the elegant and planned-out LOOK of this short. Many films at the festival were interesting, in terms of their topics, but not all that well-thought-out in terms of visuals. McKenzie’s visuals are beautiful. Like Comfort Me with Absinthe, it’s an unofficial (but authorized) music video for the song of the same name by Radical Fire. You can watch the whole thing here and remember: 15 years old. It makes you think, “Jeez, I’ve been a slacker my entire life.””

April 2016 Viewing Diary | The Sheila Variations


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Facts about We All Go the Same

  • 9 months from concept to finished film
  • 5 months from pre-production to principal photography
  • 5 shoot days over 3 months
  • 1 month of post-production
  • 3 days of makeup and prosthetic tests for the Fairy and Wolf
  • 1 dress rehearsal day for the Fairy and Wolf scene
  • approx. 30 hours of work to design, cut, sew, and dye the fairy dress
  • approx. 50 hours of work to design and build the fairy wings with a 10 foot wing-span and hinged winglets

Blog post updates on We All Go the Same

  • Ellie moves to post (and festival updates) (Sunday September 27th, 2015) -- I had an amazing summer, filled with friendships and film work. I had planned to do a post talking about the highlights of my two month break, but I’ve been slammed with work ranging from Ellie work to home work. So until then, I have a brief update on the post production of Ellie, and some ... (Read more)
  • A month of insanity (Sunday May 17th, 2015) -- I feel like I blinked and woke up in mid-May. The past few months have been absolutely insane, attending festivals for both “We All Go the Same” and “Kurayami no Wa”. I was still wrapping up the final colour grading for Kurayami no Wa (even on the plane), so I wasn’t able to submit it to NFFTY 2015. ... (Read more)
  • Best Director Under 25, Ottawa Independent Video Award (Sunday April 12th, 2015) -- In a night filled with great socializing, networking, some awesome short listed filmmakers and talented folks, I was extremely happy to attend the inaugural Ottawa Independent Video Awards. I attended not only because I was nominated in two categories (Best Music Video and Best Director Under 25) for my music video “We All Go the Same“, but ... (Read more)
  • We All Go The Same at KCFF (Thursday February 19th, 2015) -- I’ve been completely focused on editing my thriller Kurayami no Wa for the past two weeks, but I wanted to give you some festival news! After a year of being in the festival circuit, GIFTS has received four more festival acceptances since the beginning of the year! It warms me to see that GIFTS still lives out ... (Read more)
  • Ottawa Family Living Magazine Article (Tuesday December 09th, 2014) -- Back in September, I needed volunteers to help move two car-loads of equipment out to the forest shooting location for “We All Go the Same”. Three people on Twitter volunteered to help: Pete Patterson (@OttawaPete), Karen Fox (@SoupFox), and Pam Dillon (@PamnDillon). It was a very long shoot day, that wouldn’t have been possible without their ... (Read more)
  • Six Weeks Since My Last Post (Friday October 03rd, 2014) -- We All Go the Same It’s been over a month since my last post, because I’ve been busy rehearsing and shooting a (unofficial) music video for the Radical Face song “We All Go the Same“. Creating the music video should have been a fairly easy shoot, as the song is only three and a half minutes long. ... (Read more)
  • Festivals, Kurayami no Wa, and an Unnamed Music Video (Tuesday July 08th, 2014) -- Morgana is away (on her own) for the month of July, and this week she is attending Prodigy Camp outside of Seattle on a scholarship she won at NFFTY. So I (her dad) am tasked with keeping her website and social media engagement going until she returns. My first order of business? To round-up all the ... (Read more)
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