Wild (Indomptable)

You can tame wolves, but they will still be wolves.

Set in the 1930s, “Wild (Indomptable)” follows Ida, a young French Canadian girl who, while spending the summer with her relatives in English-speaking Ontario, discovers a supernatural entity living in their cornfield. After deciding to befriend the entity, they form a strong relationship. But, while the entity appears to be kind to Ida, it has the potential to be devastating to others.

Wild is currently in post-production.


Wild (Indomptable) is a story set in two worlds: a 1930s farm, and the realm of a supernatural entity. The challenges of bringing both worlds to the screen meant a larger team and budget than my previous films, and so a Kickstarter campaign was necessary to make this film possible.

Telling the Story & Visual Inspiration

Storytelling Through the Eyes of a Child

In Tomas Alfredson’s “Let The Right One In” (2008), the lead characters Oskar and Eli carry the film with their incredibly heartfelt performance. In Luc Besson’s “Léon: The Professional“, a 12 year old Natalie Portman moves us in a way we hadn’t seen before.

These unique and natural performances from these films’ child actors adds authenticity and emotion to the storytelling. This is the approach that I’ve taken successfully in my past films, and it’s the approach I’m taking with Wild.


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