Atlas World

A malignant spirit forces a girl into a perilous journey through a watery underworld.

Atlas World is a haunting and tremendously professional film. A young girl receives a Ouija board at a birthday party, which promptly summons her and her friends into a cold, wet underworld while they sleep. The accompanying music and seamless use of color create a film that works in every way. Every new scene brings its own palette of hues and emotions. In seven short minutes, director Morgana McKenzie breathes life into a world that feels only slightly impossible. The attention to detail and suspense put the film in a league with the new masters of horror.

Vox Magazine – Citizen Jane Film Festival review

[…] At the heart of Atlas World is a compelling and creepy story that immediately centered around a girls’ sleepover and their ouija board. Excellent cinematography and a visual orchestration of light and darkness, childhood and the supernatural. Ultimately, this is a great concept and with excellent storytelling execution that allow for the song Atlas World (Solomun Day Remix) by Liu Bei to shine through as well. […]

NFFTY 2017 “Best Music Video” Jury Statement

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Behind the Scenes

Atlas World – Poster by Catalin Dumitru

Atlas World – Poster by Catalin Dumitru

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