Director – Morgana McKenzie
Cinematographer & Colorist – Morgana McKenzie

Desperate measures are taken to escape a violent world concealed within an isolated cottage.

Ellie is a short film that manages to, in a small amount of time, create such impressively fascinating characters, and atmosphere, that one can’t help but want to know and see more. The mysteries abound in the story – from who Ellie is, to what Stephen might be lying about, to what Davis’ role is in these children’s lives. It is disturbing, but gripping all the same.
BlueCat Screenplay review

Behind the Scenes & Kickstarter

One of the Kickstarter rewards was the “Singular Diary of Awesome” – a production diary filled with Polaroids, on-set log entries, and cast and crew diary entries from the week of filming on location.

Awards and Screenings

For the detailed list of awards and screenings, see the Official Selections page.