The Element: A Day in the Life of Junior High

In November 2012, I was asked by my school (OMS Montessori) to create a video about my Junior High Class. The video is a way of sharing with others “a day in the life” of Junior High (grades 7 & 8 combined). Both inside and outside the class, we work together as a community, and this video was meant to demonstrate that. OMS Montessori will be opening a new high-school in Ottawa, named “The Element”, in September 2013. The video will also be shown on the website for the new school. For more information about the new high-school, visit The Element High School website.

This video uses, by permission, the Heuristics Inc.So Much Time” remix of the song “Out of It” by Brad Sucks. Many sincere thanks to both Brad and Heuristics Inc. for granting the use of this song.

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