MIRROR Feedback from the Young Person’s Film Festival

On June 30th, in Chichester England,  The Young Person’s Film Festival screened MIRROR as part of its official selection of short films.

Audience members were provided with comment cards to record their thoughts on the films. Isaac H. Madge, the festival director and a filmmaker himself, generously forwarded some of the comments on MIRROR:

“What an imaginative story. Lots of ideas and your young cast were great performers too.”
“Inventive angle and shots. Really impressed with your work.”
“Really liked the portrayal of the problems of a teenage girl. I also liked the way the camera was used under the bed, in the fridge etc.”
“An extraordinary achievement from such a young girl. Congratulations.”
“Great concept and plot. Good sound mixing and colourisation…Great film.”

It was wonderful to receive this feedback…but wait, there’s more!

Screenwriter and artist Simon David Eden was a guest at the festival and presented a closing appraisal on the films and the festival. Simon had some kind words to say about MIRROR, and also offered some constructive feedback as well. Isaac’s closing remarks on the festival and Simon’s appraisal can be seen on this YouTube video. His comments on MIRROR start at approximately 3:55, and here is an excerpt:

MIRROR – it’s sound design and editing were its real strength. It was a very ambitious concept, which does attempt to tell its story with pictures; which is the fundamental basis of cinema. That’s what it should do. All the great filmmakers will tell you, what we should really be able to do is turn the dialogue off; turn the sound off; and, the story should be compelling in itself, told with pictures.

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