Fav Film Friday

Fav Film Friday will take place every Friday on my website and my Twitter account. It’s a new way for me to share some of my favourite films.

On my Twitter account I will post a brief comment, the director, and a link to the film. However if you are looking for a review on what I loved about the film (anything from the colour grading to the shot that sold the whole film), I will be posting a brief blogpost about that here on my website, along with links to the film and director.

So mark it in your calendars folks!

NOTE: I started this on my Twitter account two weeks ago, so I already have two films posted for Fav Film Friday on my Twitter account. Here are the films:

“Free Pie”

A short film by Caleb Slain

“Free Pie” is shot in one room, but still somehow has me intrigued the whole time. Usually for me films set in one room have little appeal and lack of a story, as there isn’t much set and space to work with. Free Pie proves this wrong however; the writing/dialogue between characters is awesome, going by quickly and still pulling you into the story even more.

Caleb Slain has excellently mixed tragic with a hint of comedy in this short film. Even though it’s a little longer, having a running time of 10:07, it’s definitely worth the ride. So sit back and watch the situation unfold, and don’t forgot some rhubarb pie….


“The Sleepover”

A short film by Chris Cullari

Sleepover is my kind of film, being slightly dark but having just the right amount of humour to even it out. I could go on forever about every little thing I loved about it, however I’ll list only a few…

THE ACTORS, from the two boys to the babysitter, were very well cast. The two younger boys especially demonstrate an almost accurate description on how boys that age would act (one being all wild and crazy and the other just wanting to stick to the rules).

THE ART is my personal favourite, being a visual artist and all. I would highly suggest if you have the time to watch the film a second time, but this time paying attention to detail of props and details in the set. For example: under the bed in the opening shot is a series of props or objects you might see in a horror movie, but that also have a resemblance to children. A white goalie hockey mask, a puppet, and figurines holding machetes. As well as the drawings on the “Arm Harm and Run” sign, and the MASK (mothers against serial killers) sticker on the bumper of the mom’s car.

The film overal is great, and it’s short having a running time of 5:27. I would highly suggest watching this film! And again, watch it again and look for details. If you see any that I may not have seen, post it in the comment section of this blog. Enjoy!


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