Fav Film Friday #6: Reach

Directed and animated by Luke Randall.

Reach is a three minute short that shows a story of a robot who is brought to life, and only wants to do one thing: go outside.

This was one of the first short films that I saw (four years ago), and really stuck for me. It’s very cute, and tells the emotions of the robot and the boy with zero dialogue.

For example: the way the boy’s hands droop in disappointment when he’s interrupted with the robot and has to go to school. Also when the robot is frustrated and his lens makes a little triangle at the top, like narrowed eyebrows. The score is also great, changing when it switches to the robot’s perspective, and rising near the end to add excitement.

Overall great short and well animated. Well done.

2 thoughts on “Fav Film Friday #6: Reach”

  1. Very good choice M! Can’t help cheering for this little guy! Nice portrayal of emotion. Love your pics!

  2. I really liked the animation. Not only did you feel the emotion for the little robot but my emotion changed as I cheered him on and then felt the disappointment when he didn’t make it. Great short!