Fav Film Friday #7: Apocalypse

Directed by Andrew Zuchero. Cinematography by David Jacobson.

Let’s put our heads together

I can’t even think of a synopsis for this short film, it goes by extremely fast, but is VERY well done comedically and story-wise for the time given (runtime 5:39).

The part I love about the whole film, is the immediate shock factor. It starts out so very peaceful, almost boring, and then BOOM the unexpected happens. And just when you get somewhat settled, it happens again, and again, without any explanation at all. It jumps right into the film, without any need of getting to know characters, learning names, an explanation of “why?”, and I believe that’s the part of the film that makes it so unique.

As well comedically-wise, it’s hilarious! It’s almost as if as the film keeps on going, worse and worse things keep on happening, not really contributing to the weird situation the characters are in. For example the lovely lady who lives upstairs and came down to see what was wrong…wearing nothing but a towel.

My final reason for loving this film is the fact that “Martin Starr“, who played Bill Haverchuck on the show “Freaks and Geeks“, is the lead role in this film. Martin Starr is one of my favourites!

All in all, great short film if you’re in the need for a mixture of laughter and bewilderment, and remember, “don’t get any ideas…

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