Fav Film Friday #11: From 1994

A short film by Casey Warren & Danielle Krieger.

“What do you say to a loved one if you only had one chance to say it all?”

“From 1994”, is a heartwarming film, capturing exactly that. It isn’t a film with plot twists and and surprises, but instead a slice of life. It shows a boy’s adventures, aspirations, and accomplishments, and a Mother’s loving farewell letter. That being said, the cinematography definitely helps along the overall film, with some awesome colour grading and steady cam shots (please excuse the amount of film geek in that sentence).

I would also like to thank “Film Riot” for mentioning this film on one of their videos. It was also a Staff Pick on Vimeo.

Overall, this film definitely gives you the feels. Nicely done.

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