Fav Film Friday #9: Game

Written and Directed by Josh MacDonald.

Welcome back to Fav Film Friday everybody! After a nice holiday break, are you ready to start off 2014 with a nice, feel good happy film? Well that’s not going to happen!

Let’s instead start off the year with a dark comedy of horror, hillbillies, and Hinterland Who’s Who. Oh you think you misread that didn’t you? Well to answer your question, yes it is possible for all those words to work together in a sentence.

“Game” is an excellently well executed and directed film, starting off like any regular old creepy horror slasher film, but then quickly spinning into a realm of…well, I’ll let you watch it.

The score and cinematography is well done, and benefits the over all feel of the film. I especially loved the beginning slow-motion sequence.

Other reasons I love this short, is that it has Glen Matthews in it (runner up on CBC “Short Film Face Off” for his short “Room Service“), and it has the “Hinterland Who’s Who” music at the beginning and end. Which not only follows perfectly with the dark plot, but also gives a little tip off to Canadians out there.

This film is worth every minute (runtime 8:25), and I can almost guarantee you will watch it more than once. Well done guys.

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