GIFTS Trailer

I am pleased to present the trailer for my short film GIFTS!

As the film is very short (10 minutes), and because I wanted to introduce the main character Jan and her struggle, the trailer is actually a prologue. It provides a glimpse into Jan’s life and includes footage not present in the film. Here is the synopsis of the film:

At age six, Jan was miraculously revived after her body was retrieved from the frozen river that consumed her parents. Now, after a lifetime of experiencing visions of others’ pain and suffering, thirteen year old Jan hopes to intervene on fate and prevent a murder.

I hope you enjoy the trailer! If you’d like to come and see the film here in Ottawa (Sunday February 9th at 1pm) on a big screen, please contact me.

The screening of GIFTS will include:

  • The trailer
  • The film (10 minutes)
  • A short “behind the scenes” video (~10 minutes)
  • A brief Q&A session with Morgana McKenzie and the cast

Here is the trailer!

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