March Break, a Kessler Crane, and My Next Film

My March break has come to an end.

I didn’t go anywhere sunny over the March break, because my family was hoping we’d be travelling in April to the NFFTY film festival in Seattle – a wish that came true!

So, what did I do over my March break in freezing and snowy Ottawa?

I attended a two-day workshop at the local “SAW Video” centre, which is a not-for-profit organization that offers courses, equipment, and facilities for artists. I wanted to take the “Advanced Production Tools” workshop because it focused on learning to use professional-grade equipment like an eight-foot Kessler Crane, a Matthews Doorway Dolly, and dolly track. These are tools that I look forward to renting from SAW, and using in my upcoming productions.

Chris Payne, the workshop instructor, made sure there was lots of time to learn how to assemble, disassemble, and work with the equipment. He was really knowledgable, and I was happy to have had him as the instructor. Below are some photos of me from the workshop, along with Chris (wearing the beanie hat).

The other thing I did over my March break was begin to write the screenplay for my upcoming short film. Each of my previous films were challenging in their own ways, and this upcoming film will definitely have its own unique challenges. In particular, some of the scenes will need to be shot outdoors, in a winter setting. Shooting will start in October, and then take a break until the snow arrives.

I don’t want to give anything away about the film yet other than it’s set in winter. But I will tease you with the working title of the film:

“Kurayami no wa”


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