Fav Film Friday #15: Well

A short film by “Rosa Berndt”.

I worked as “grip” on the set of “Well” at Prodigy Camp. As the shoot went by, I became incredibly excited to see the finished product. And when the screening day came, I was astonished at what came out of the small three hour shoot.

Rosa’s film, to me, is the definition of a film that you do with a three hour time constraint. She had a one page script with a simple concept, and then finished off the film with some beautiful visuals, working with Director of Photography Andy Maier. The overall simplicity and beauty make a great short.

Aside from Rosa however, I do think that Dylan Bachmann sold the role perfectly. Props to you my friend. Rosa put so much heart into the piece, and it’s evident in the final product. Keep doing what you’re doing Rosa, and I wish you luck in your future projects.

One thought on “Fav Film Friday #15: Well”

  1. Thank you so much for being part of this !!
    I hope we get to work (and hang out) again next year.
    Keep it up! You’re a wonderful person and I love the work you’re doing