Ellie is Finished

Actor Sebastian Labissiere in a still from the short film "Ellie"

Actor Sebastian Labissiere in a still from the short film “Ellie”

A little over a week ago I finished the colour grade on Ellie, and my composer Dave Johnson completed the final tweaks to the score and sound design.

I’m really pleased with how Ellie has turned out and I have begun submitting it to festivals, starting with festivals that I have a relationship with. Throughout 2016 I expect to submit Ellie to over 40 festivals.

I really can’t wait to share it with all of you. Because of festival requirements, Ellie won’t be public until sometime in 2017. So, here is the plan for sharing it privately…

For local (Ottawa) backers with a festival pass reward, I am organizing a private screening at the Mayfair Theatre on Sunday April 10th at 3:30pm ET, and I will get in touch with more details about the screening soon. Most of the cast and crew will also be attending the screening, and there will be a brief Q&A at the end. If you are a local backer who doesn’t have a screening pass reward, and you’re interested in attending, please contact me.

Because Ellie is a short film (7 minutes long), and we are renting a 320-seat theatre, I am putting together a number of other short films from local filmmakers to screen before Ellie. I think this will make the event even more fun for everyone.

All backers will also receive online access to Ellie on the same day as the screening, later that evening.

Originally I had planned to send out the rewards before Ellie was finished. Instead, I had to work on post-production full time in order to meet a very important festival deadline at the end of January. I’ll keep everyone posted on festival news as it happens. Looking back, I should have set the rewards’ estimated delivery dates for after post-production wrap in February, not before. This is just one of the things I’ve learned from running my first Kickstarter.

I am now focusing on putting together the rewards (Polaroids, Singular Diary of Awesome, personalized video messages, etc.), and will share more about that soon.

Of course, if anyone has any questions about any of this, please get in touch.

Thank you again for support Ellie. It would not have happened without your support!

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