Appearances and Promos

This page mostly lists videos that I appear in, either in support of my own work or in support of projects that I am a part of. For print/web articles about me, see the “Screenings, Press, Awards” page.


Façade Kickstarter

I was the cinematographer for Carol Nguyen’s experimental short “Façade“, and I appeared in the Kickstarter pitch video.


East Anglian Student Film Festival Interview

A short set of interview questions and answers for the fine people at East Anglian Student Film Festival.

My music video “We All Go the Same” was an official selection of the 2015 festival, and was awarded “Best Music Video”.


Promo for Mirror Mountain Film Festival

A brief intro for my music video “We All Go the Same” screening at the Mirror Mountain Film Festival.


Promos for Guam International Film Festival

Two brief promos, recorded during my “Ellie” shoot on location, for “We All Go the Same” and “Kurayami no Wa“, which were official selections of the Guam International Film Festival.


“Ellie” Kickstarter Campaign

The pitch video, and a number of update videos, supporting the “Ellie” Kickstarter campaign.


Daytime Rogers Interview on “GIFTS”