A film by Morgana McKenzie


  • Naya Weiler
  • Amy Cameron


  • Julia Frangione
  • Stefani Galli
  • Laura Gray
  • Anaek Jande
  • Emily Russell
  • Aidan Yates


Special Thanks

To make this film, Morgana had the full support of her family and friends. Her father Gavin provided ongoing IT support, and built both a table dolly and 2 different versions of a camera stabilizer. Her mother Charlene coordinated schedules, fed the hungry actors, and developed the website. Morgana’s friends tirelessly showed up for every shoot, and faithfully followed her direction even when the takes were many and the weather was bad. The parents of the actors allowed their children to participate in many long shoot days, and have been both encouraging and supportive. Thank you to everyone involved!

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