In the Shade

Director – Amy Force
Cinematographer – Morgana McKenzie

First Blood

A teenage girl goes through a bizarre transformation after she gets her first period.

Director – Olivia Loccisano
Cinematographer – Morgana McKenzie

Wild Bitch

A news story about the effects of deforestation takes a dark turn when a mousy housewife lures a reporter into the woods with a promise of a scoop. As they go deeper and deeper into the forest, the housewife reveals details about her dark past leaving both of them forever changed.

Director Rebekka Johnson & Kate Nash
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie

Grandma was a Cowgirl

A young woman must come to terms with her Grandmother’s death, while struggling to find meaning in her own life.

Director Vivien Endicott-Douglas
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie


A prisoner of war in Vietnam befriends a spider to combat the loneliness of solitary confinement.

Director Kristen McNaule
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie

Little Soul

When Olive’s inner child runs away, her world is turned upside down.

Director Alina Kulesh
Producer Julie Strifler, Wildling Pictures
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie


It’s the summer of 1937. Something is living in the corn field. Young Ida doesn’t know what it is, but it seems to understand her better than anyone else on her uncle’s farm.

Director Morgana McKenzie
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie


An addict pushes away the last person on her side.

Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie


Elsie Joy is a passionate feminist working tirelessly to motivate the women’s liberation movement of the 1970’s, while facing backlash against her personal & business decisions. When a dismayed young girl enters her flower shop, their interaction reveals the deeply ingrained problems with modern society, and the necessary roles of both men & women in shaping the future.

Director Jill Harper
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie

A Bittersweet Taste

Ice-cream man, Adam Greely, struggles with his internal battle with moving on after the death of his wife.

Director Damien Fannon
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie


A desperate man resorts to smuggling his wife inside of a piece of luggage in hopes of finding a better life in a new country. His hopes are put on hold when his plane arrives-but the bag containing his wife does not.

Director Daumoun Khakpour, Travis Pulchinski
Cinematographer Morgana McKenzie


An exploration of human connection within a flawed system.

Director Carol Nguyen
Cinematographer & Colorist Morgana McKenzie