Casting Call: Male actors needed for short film Ellie


This casting-call post was published in May 2015. The cast was chosen in late June. The production of Ellie has shifted from non-union cast, to union (ACTRA). Most of the original post has been removed, because it contained so much detail about the film, its characters, and the story. Production updates will be posted to the Ellie page.


A still from the unfinished 2014 "Ellie" shoot (actors Nathan and Kevin)

A still from the unfinished 2014 “Ellie” shoot (actors Nathan and Kevin)

I am working on pre-production for my upcoming short film “Ellie“, and I’m looking for two male actors – one adolescent, and one adult. Here are the details:

Needed: ADOLESCENT MALE actor for lead role (STEPHEN), and ADULT MALE actor for supporting role (DAVIS).

Production Title: Ellie
Production Type: Short film
Genre: Suspense

A BlueCat screenplay competition reviewer said this about the screenplay:
Ellie is a short film that manages to, in a small amount of time, create such impressively fascinating characters, and atmosphere, that one can’t help but want to know and see more. The mysteries abound in the story – from who Ellie is, to what Stephen might be lying about, to what Davis’ role is in these children’s lives. It is disturbing, but gripping all the same.


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